Burnin Rubber GamePlay:

Burnin Rubber gives players a buzz at Friv4school2017. You control a car and go as far as you can. Many obstructions put a stop to you. Stay calm and eliminate them. Shoot missiles and bullets to destroy other cars. Burnin Rubber game is a stimulating game in friv]\. Feel the max speed and rule the race.


Burnin Rubber free game is a driving shooting game. Do you like to see Formula 1 races? If yes, this game is perfect for you. You are going to drive a sports car. The special thing is that the car is armed with weapons. How awesome it is! You will go ahead on friv]\ games and go far away to find the finish line. To reach the finish, you must overcome a wide range of difficulties. Try hard!


When opening the game, you choose a car between Viper and Vice. Viper is red while Vice has the white color. Viper has the speed of 150km/h and 2 amours while Vice has the speed of 175km/h and just 1 amour. To unlock other cars, you have to gain enough points. For example, you spend 1000 points to buy a yellow car. Explore new car models with a nice look and modern functions. Select your car, then pick a weapon of friv]\ player games. We provide machine gun and shotgun for free. To own other kinds of weapon, you also have enough points to afford them. Get high scores to purchase ultimate weapons.


Make a touch to start the race. You drive on a 4-lane road. The game has some settings such as bridge on the sea, plain, desert or city. Move fast and flexibly to avoid other vehicles. If you crash into them, accidents will happen. You and that vehicle blow up. You lose the game in friv]\ online games. You shoot vehicles ahead to destroy them and make a path for you. You must 2 times or more to terminate one vehicle. The kinds of vehicles are cars, trucks, minivan and so on.


You meet hurdles and traffic signs on the way. You should dodge them too. Oil puddles make you slip and out of control in some seconds. Be careful! Get special circles on the road. Shoot means of transport to get scores. We record how far you go. Your score is on the display. Pass checkpoints to head off to the finish.


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  • Use the left arrow to turn left.
  • Use the right arrow to turn right. 
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