Cookie Chomp GamePlay:

Cookie Chomp is quite funny puzzle game in which you need to be very smart. Why? Because you must think carefully of each move you make. Eating all the cookies is everything you have to do with Cookie Chomp. There is nothing to say unless the cookie place will turn into spikes as soon as you eat the cookie.


To put it another way, making a wrong step causes you to be unable to move back and eat all the cookies. To that end, the game is over and you have to replay that level. Finish the current one to unlock the next one. Are you willing to challenge yourself with 20 interesting levels of Cookie Chomp? Show us now!


Do you love sweet cakes? Eat all the cakes on the screen and complete each level in the shortest time with Cookie Chomp at friv Games 2017 now. Play, explore and laugh with us!


Chomp Cookie is not simply a game for fun, it's really a math problem for all ages at frivGames 2017. This attractive puzzle game not only requires you to have a quick reaction but also logical thinking skills in life.


If you don’t believe my words, you can challenge your intelligence in level 1. I'm not sure that you can pass this level in an easy way at friv at school. In this exciting game, you control a lovely blue beast and help it to eat all the cakes on the screen. However, this task is not easy because these cakes are usually placed in dangerous locations.


Moreover at friv free Games, as soon as you eat these cakes, they will turn into deadly traps immediately on the road. So, you don’t absolutely have the exit to go back. Therefore, the best advice for you is that you have to observe and calculate carefully to find the perfect path in every level.

The advantage to you is that you will not have time limits to move, so you should think carefully to avoid having to replay multiple times in a level. Besides, don’t forget to explore more puzzle games such as http://friv4school2017.net/ at friv 2017. Get the victory!

Controls: Click the mouse to move and eat the cookies.