Kogama: Human Vs Roblox GamePlay:

Kogama: Human Vs Roblox is a multiplayer game at Friv4school2017. You are a minecraft character getting lost in perilous destinations and trying to survive. Kogama: Human Vs Roblox game of feriv masters your shooting and fighting skills. Do battle alone. Everyone around you is your rivals. Good luck!

Kogama: Human Vs Roblox online is a shooting game played for free. You are going to become a soldier. There are two teams: red teams and blue teams. You choose a team to attend. You will go to separate places when you join a team in feriv game. If you select red team, you will fight in a military base which is floating on the surface of the water. If you take part in the blue team, you go to a town.

In the military base, you find yourself in a big hall. You see many modern small tanks and weapons. You also face other players. Avoid attack waves and shoot enemies when possible. You can get out the hall and explore the military base on feriv player game. You can see a variety of kinds of equipment such as tanks and helicopters. Watch out! Don’t fall down the ocean. You will drown and lose your life. The game assumes you are killed by the environment. You can retry immediately, luckily. You willed be kicked out of the game after 10 minutes you do nothing.

Sometimes the door of the hall is shut, you have to fight in that place. We always show the status and information of players at feriv for kids. You will know who is killed, who is eliminated. You can possess weapons just by pressing E. Collect and try weapons like swords, gun machines, and rifles. Each weapon has its own power. Some can shoot cubes. A few weapons fires bullets. Some blow flames and you can fly when using it.   

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  • Use arrows to move. Hold the shoot button to remove cubes.
  • Use M to see the menu, use H to toggle HD mode.
  • Use Space to jump, use K to respawn.
  • Use the left mouse to fire weapons.
  • Use Q to holster equipped weapons.
  • V drop the equipped weapon.


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