Pie.ai GamePlay:

Pie.ai is an attractive multiplayer game which is suitable for both adults and children to play. This game is quite simple but interesting with intelligent gameplay and cool graphics. What should you do to conquer Pie.ai? Simply, your basic task is to jump and avoid standing in red areas that are created by planes in the game.


You should remember that if you only accidentally touch that area, you will lose your life and the game is over. Don’t forget to defeat other players and eat their energy in the battle. Is it interesting? Really? YES! I am ready! What about you? Click here at Friv4school2017.net.


Friv to play?

Use left mouse to play Pie.ai. If you like playing this genre, Superhex.io also will a wonderful choice for you.

Jump into Pie.ai – an interesting multiplayer game for all ages at friv 4 and get rid of the scythe of death. Escape the dead areas and survive as long as possible now! I am ready!

Pie.ai doesn’t require you many skills to overcome challenges such as tactics, shooting skills or racing skills. What you need is a fast response and ability to observe the game. In other words, you have to jump quickly, accurately and at the right time at friv games. Imagine that you are lost in a strange world where deadly traps will appear everywhere along the way.


Especially, you can not fight to survive or defeat them, all you need to do is to run as far as possible from the red areas in the maze. Therefore, your biggest mission is to control your character wisely, move continuously on the screen and avoid touching the red areas. These red areas will appear everywhere and always chase you in all directions. At all costs at friv for school, you must jump into safe areas (white areas) and watch carefully in battle.


One more thing, in this game, there is no fixed safety area but only a temporary safety area. So you have to move constantly to avoid being surrounded by red areas. Don’t forget to earn many points and upgrade your power in the match. Have fun at friv online game.