Tanks Battlefield GamePlay:

Tanks Battlefield is a balancing act between destroy enemies and do missions at Friv4school2017. Drive a modern tank and terminate opponents. Tanks Battlefield game is a bloody siege where you try hard to fulfill your task. Who will be the winner in this war? Be courage in friv for school unblocked games


Tanks Battlefield online game is a shooting game where you can be a soldier. You drive a tank and go around a desert. You fight alone. It means you have no companions. You do missions to complete levels. Your tank has a red flag. You are given the blood level of 100 lives. You see the number of tanks you destroyed on friv for school unblocked games free. You fight against enemy’s tanks. Aim well and shoot straight.


In the level 1, the target is to destroy enemy base with the yellow flag. Tanks of the enemy have surrounded the base. You have to shoot them to damage the base. Aim with a red point and shoot exactly. Find the red arrow to get the amour which protects you against rival’s attack waves. You have to go uphill and downhill. The desert has a variety of sand dunes. You move on them and keep balance.


Two red bars show your base and enemy base of friv for school unblocked games player. The red color disappears if the base is attacked. When the bar runs out of red color, you will die and the game is over. The clash is so violent and fierce. Keep alive. Some bombs are hidden in the sand. Avoid them. Enemies shoot you and you try to eliminate them. 


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How to play: 
•    Use WASD/ ZQSD/ arrows to move.
•    Use the left click to fire, Space to handbrake.
•    Use left shift to have sniper view, R to reset tank.

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