Touchdown Blast GamePlay:

Touchdown Blast is a sports game in which you are alone with the ball come to the goal. But, it is not just easy like that. You have to avoid all members of the other team and those who are coming to stop you. However, do not forget to collect all stars along the way. You can also tackle enemies using your dash power. There are various stages with many different obstacles waiting for you to play. Do not afraid to move toward, deal with the defenders and score a touchdown. You can only move to the next stage if you complete the recent one. Have a great time!



You use the Arrow keys to move and the Arrow up key to dash power. Or you can click on the control key which displays on the screen.


Wow, such an entertaining game at Friv 4! This game fits with everyone's liking. Have you ever heard about American football?

Well, American football well knows in the United States and Canada; in local terminology, people call it "gridiron football" or only "gridiron". This sport is a game played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. This sport is really attractive; I bet that even you are the first-time player, you will still be smitten with this type. And now, you will have a chance to experience in this sport with Touchdown Blast - a fantastic game at game online friv.

There are six different characters whom you can turn into in the game. Each one has a different strength. By using your earned stars, you can open these characters. Although they have a different power, they all need to be trained in the same by using your earning stars. There are 36 steps in total and each step is equal to a particular level. I'm sure that after you finish these challenges, your attack skills will increase dramatically. The objective of the game is to lead your ball to the target. Members of the other team will block your way. Do not hit them unless you want to end the match. Apart from that, make sure that you have collected all stars along the way. You need these stars to unlock new characters.  You can also attack your competitors by using your dash power. So many stages with many different obstacles are waiting for your conquest.

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