Wormo.io GamePlay:

Wormo.io is a new snake game that you can play here on friv games for school. You can shoot one shot per second in the direction that your worm is facing.

The shots get bigger, more powerful and travels further the bigger you get. You will get moved a greater distance when you get shot if you are small.

The only players that can have a significant impact with their shots on bigger players are other big players or smaller players that are cooperating.

When players get killed they drop all of their gems on the map. The best way to get bigger is to collect the gems from big fallen worms.It can be beneficial to save you boost for collecting gems from fallen players or emergency situations.

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How to play?

Eat gems on the map to grow bigger. Do not get in collide with other worms. Shoot other players to push them away and beware of other players shooting at you.

Your shots will get stronger when you get bigger, giving you more power over other worms.

You will turn slower the bigger you get.

Use the boost to get away from dangerous situations or to catch another worm. You can only boost for 5 seconds before your worm is tired and need some rest. Boosting does not cost any gems, it is only limited by the 5 second cooldown.


It is a good idea to avoid head-on collisions since you are at 50 percent risk of getting killed.

If you are big you you can shoot smaller worms into a collection of other worms to cause maximum destruction.

Use the minimap to see your position if you are playing with a friend and you want to team up.

Take advantage of the smaller turning radius when you are small to outmaneuver bigger worms.

Cooperate with other small worms to tame down bigger worms.

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